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Hot dip galvanized steel parts, details and structures, manufactured on the base of cliemt`s design and drawings


GALCO PLC was established in 1966 as a specialized manufacturer of steel products. In its 40 years history GALCO PLC keeps one of the leading positions in the field of steel structures production in Bulgaria.

The company is offering high quality hot dip galvanizing of different in dimensions steel details and constructions: from bolts and nuts up to big elements for building constructions. The technology for hot dip galvanizing assures a perfect anticorrosion protection of all parts of the construction and guarantees a 40 years protection. The galvanized parts can withstand temperatures up to 275°C.

Installation for hot dip galvanizing has a tank with dimensions (L X B X H) in meters – 6400 x1200x2300 mm.

Hot dip galvanizing is the most successful method for part protection against corrosion.

GALCO PLC has the possibility to produce guardrails and posts for roads 2000 T /per month, in conformity with standard TL-SP and EAR – 2000. All components are in conformity with the European safety and quality norms EN 10025, EN 1461, DIN 1016, DIN 50976 and ASTM A123. The production is certified by TUF Reinland – Bulgaria. For the separate elements a Protocol was given by the Central Laboratory for Roads and Bridges of the Executive Agency “Roads” – Sofia.

The company has a long year tradition in the production of the metal constructions as:

  • Guardrails and posts for the roads
  • Steel railings for bridges
  • Steel lattice structures for high and low voltage transmission lines
  • Earth connectors
  • GSM antennas
  • Greenhouses
  • Equipment for semi-open walled stalls and slaughter pig growing pens
  • Gas pipeline supports
  • Other steel constructions by order and drawing of the clients

Apart from Bulgaria the company is selling its products in Germany, France, Italy, Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic, Cyprus, Russia, Greece, Niger, Algeria, Lebanon, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Libya and several other countries.







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